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Shanghai Snowhorse M&E Equipment Co., Ltd. as the first level distributor which authorized by INPRO/SEAL and the top sales distributor of China, was awarded the Eagle cup in 2014.  Mr. MARK, President of INPRO/SEAL global present the reward in person.

For INPRO/SEAL products, we have not only professional sales staff, but also strong after-sales service capabilities. Our company can provide door-to-door inspection, measurement and best proposal.  We can also provide door-to-door installation and commissioning after sales. Up to now, we have successfully provided technical upgrading for a number of world-class enterprises, and completely solved site leakage problems.
If you has any leakage problems with your equipment, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you the best solution.

At the start of project, industrial users usually pay great attention to the quality of the bearing, and often designate equipment manufacturers to adopt high-quality bearing brands such as SKF, FAG, NTN, etc., and use high-quality lubricating oil recommended by manufacturers to ensure the service life of the bearing, so as to ensure stable operation of the equipment and reduce maintenance. Temperature and vibration probes will also be installed at key bearings to monitor bearing performance.However, the oil seal is often ignored as a barrier to isolate moisture and dust in the air from the lubricating oil. Up to now, many equipment manufacturers still use the lip seal and ordinary labyrinth oil seal, but these two oil seals have obvious shortcomings, which cannot prevent the oil from being polluted by moisture and dust in the air in the long-term use. Statistics from bearing manufacturers show that 74% of bearing failures are caused by contaminated oil that does not provide good lubrication

Before the invention of INPRO oil seals, protective bearings were normally sealed with contact skeleton seals and non-contact common labyrinth seals. The skeleton oil seal will leave carbides on the contact surface of the shaft and cause wear to the shaft. Its life is usually 3000 hours. It cannot be replaced timely after losing the sealing function. And as a contact seal, need to consume shaft power, friction generated heat will be transmitted to the lubricating oil and bearings and affect the lubrication effect. According to statistics, each contact seal consumes an average of 147 watts of energy. Thus it can be seen that the skeleton  seal has been unable to meet the requirements of modern industry for high reliability and continuous economic operation of process equipment.


           Lip Seal                             Ordinary Labyrinth Seal

The ordinary labyrinth oil seal is non-contact, which does not cause wear to the shaft and does not consume the shaft power. However, it cannot prevent the moisture and fine dust in the air from entering the bearing box, nor can it prevent the oil mist from evaporating into the air. The water content of lubricating oil has great influence on bearing life. Experiments by NASA have shown that when the water content in the lubricant increases, the life of the bearing decreases rapidly.  See table following.

INPRO oil seal non - contact, non - wear labyrinth seal provides permanent protection for bearings. INPRO oil seal is made up of moving ring and stationary ring. During operation, the moving ring, stationary ring and VBX O ring interact to prevent the loss of lubricating oil in the bearing box and the foreign body outside the bearing box. Its unique design makes it impossible for moisture and dust from the air outside the bearing box to enter the bearing box. The actual service life of bearings sealed with INPRO oil is usually 3 to 5 times longer than that of bearings sealed with normal oil

INPRO oil seals were invented and patented by INPRO SEAL founder David Orlowski in 1977 (patent no. 4,022,479). They were originally used in chemical process pumps and fully enclosed air-cooled motors. Its superior performance was unanimously praised by customers, and soon almost all industrial rotating machinery used INPRO oil seals. Up to now, INPRO oil seals have become the standard configuration of most ANSI, ISO and API pump manufacturer, such as Goulds, Flowserve, Sulzer and Union, etc. INPRO oil seals are also standard configuration of IEEE-841 manufacturers such as Baldor, GE, Teco, Siemens, Toshiba and Emerson. INPRO also provides oil seals to turbine, gearbox, coal mill, fan and paper mill , such as Elliott, Terry, and CE Raymond.

Now the local equipment manufactures start to use INPRO seals to improve their product quatity in China, such as Sulzer, Deep Blue Pumps,Great Ebara Pump,Flowserve Pumps,Teco Motor(Suzhou).

INPRO oil seal is the only non-contact labyrinth oil seal in the world that is waterproof to steam and dust. Its stable and long-term bearing protection performance has gradually replaced skeleton oil seal and common labyrinth oil seal in various industrial fields. Its integral and split design can be applied to shafts from 16mm to 2750 mm. INPRO oil seals are usually made of copper. According to customer requirements, INPRO oil seals made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum alloy and other materials can also be provided. The coefficient of thermal expansion of plastic is about 9 times that of copper, and it will expand by 0.33mm after a temperature rise of 70oC, which will lead to a decrease in sealing performance. Therefore, it is not used for INPRO. For customers who use INPRO oil seals, the service life of the bearings is prolonged, thus reducing the maintenance times of the equipment, reducing the equipment damage caused by the bearing damage, increasing the reliability of the equipment, and the non-contact design reduces the energy consumption, so 80% of customers choose INPRO oil seals to protect their bearings. INPRO oil seal structure varies from simple to complex, and its design is very diversified. We can change our design according to the requirements of users, thus meeting the needs of user equipment.

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Inpro/Seal Design Variations


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